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Strut Your Stuff!!!

Share a video of your trip to the range on our Facebook page! It’s easy. Upload your photos and video just like on your own page:

Submissions are of course vetted, but we keep the lag time to a minimum. Everybody loves to see folks having fun. Pics of people slinging lead at the Rock are the biggest draw on all our pages. We love ’em. You love ’em! Post those videos!!!

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More Bang for the Buck

This year, the club has been focusing on adding value back into the membership. We’ve launched a private classifieds section as part of the club’s monthly newsletter. Members can buy and sell firearms-related items safely and securely, advertising their wares free of charge. We’ve also put together a series of members-only plate shoots, because there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to stir things up!

These and a bunch of other activities planned will go a long way to spicing up the appeal of a High Rock Association membership. We now have two options to choose from–the classic General Membership, where your service as a Range Safety Officer offsets a low-low annual fee, . . . or the new Associate Membership with the same access to the Range and all the sponsored activities for a fair-market annual fee.

Check the Membership section of this webpage for more information on these options, and on how easy it is to apply with our new online application tool. Great things are happening all the time, and we’ll see you at the Rock!

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Make plans to attend the next Congress of Rough Riders at High Rock. Cowboy shoots are held on the first Sunday of the month through December. There’s no open public shooting, but spectators are welcome. Safety briefing at 9:30am with shooting competitions to follow. The Rough Riders are a very welcoming bunch, happy to share their passion for the period and the firearms. We’ll see you there!

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