High Rock Flash Mobs Best of Connecticut

The Connecticut Magazine Best of CT awards have been announced. As there is no category for Best Shooting Range in the State, we decided to hijack the Best State Park category. A natural fit we thought:  High Rock Range exists within the boundaries of Naugatuck State Forest.

Our loyal patrons and members campaigned hard in the first round just to get us on the ballot!  And while we lost our last bid to be named best, we did go down as finalists!  Yes, Hammonassett took first with Harkness named runner up, but then folks who don’t know Connecticut know about Hammonassett. Also, Harkness State Park has been enjoying the last six months  featured on tik tok as a hiking Mecca. 

This competition has done more than to just get our name out—tho it has!  This competition has also forged some good solid bonds within the club. Working together, we achieved the unthinkable. Most people only know of the Naugatuck State Forest as a green patch along Rt 8–at best they’ve heard there are some waterfalls. Beautiful falls that are among the state’s best kept secrets. Even fewer knew there was a shooting range. Well, now they know. Now they know thanks to you all—our beautiful community, grown up around a pretty special place. It’s no country club, I always say, but there are few better—lovelier—spots to let off a couple boxes of ammo!  

Celebrate with us!  Check out our social media pages and join us at the Range. Try out our Cowboy Action events on the first Sundays of the month.  Join us for our weekly open shoots for the public. Or best yet, check out all the membership options in the Membership section of this website. There’s definitely a membership to fit your lifestyle. And then?  We’ll be seeing you at the Rock!

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