Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the schedule for Public Range Time?

Each week, HRSA posts the upcoming weekend schedule on its social media pages. Sign up on the Facebook page, to stay up to date, or check out our Instagram account,

The Range is typically open Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and Sunday Noon to 5pm, however special events such as Cowboy Action competitions, Women on Target, and other such may affect that schedule. Seasonal changes in daylight hours also shorten the posted range times.

How much does it cost to shoot at the Range?

Each Patron will be charged a $10 minimum for the first hour, and $5 per hour for each following. We only accept cash. We do not take credit, debit, or electronic payments such as Apple Pay or Venmo.

Do you need a pistol permit to shoot at the Range?

If you are shooting pistols, you need to present a valid pistol permit. Guests in your party may shoot under your permit so long as you all shoot in one port. RSOs reserve the right to determine the number of shooters in each port.

What do I need to bring to the range?

You will need to bring the following items for your visit to the Rock:

Eye and ear protection. (Sunglasses and prescription glasses do not count as protection unless they have an ANSI rating of Z87.1 at the minimum.)

Identification. All shooters must have a valid, US-issued photo id. Pistol shooters must have a valid Connecticut pistol permit or Blue Card.

Paper targets. We provide the target stand and bases, backing cardboard, and staplers, but you must bring your own targets. (Targets with faces are not permitted.)

Cash. We do not accept any other form of payment, and thank you in advance for paying with the smallest denominations possible.

And whatever kit you want to bring to shoot–rifles, pistols, shotguns and all the ammo you can let off within the hours of operation. (There is no full auto fire, fyi, and shotguns must load slugs for the most part–see the Hours and Rules page on this website for more info.)

Do you sell targets or ammunition?

We do not sell anything at the range. We provide target bases and stands and backing cardboard. You need to bring your own targets and ammunition. We do provide staplers for mounting your targets.

Are fully automatic or select fire allowed?


Are there any restrictions on caliber size or steel jacketed cartridges?

No. The only restrictions on your ammunition are that we prohibit explosive devices, chemical agents, tracer bullets and pyrotechnics of any form.

Can I shoot shotguns?

You can shoot shotguns that are capable of being shouldered, so long as you load slugs. You can shoot a few rounds of birdshot pellets to test patterning, so long as you bring your own target stand. Buckshot is not permitted at the range.

Can I shoot black powder?

Yes! Indeed, we encourage you to make High Rock your black powder home. We’d love for you to check out our Cowboy Action events with the Congress of Rough Riders.

Can I shoot my own steel targets?

No. Only paper targets are allowed on the range. Please see the Hours and Rules page on this website for a full, detailed explanation.